What’s Your Threat & Vulnerability Quotient?


Are you really doing everything you need to make sure your sensitive information, systems, applications and databases are NOT in the hands of the bad-guys?

Do you even know where your information and IT assets are without your knowledge?

Visit: www.ITPolicyCompliance.com/Assessments to find out more

Find out if you are exercising due care compared to your industry and peers by using the assessments at IT Policy Compliance Group.

Focused on antivirus, vulnerability testing, pen-testing, IT asset patching and configuration management practices, the assessment shows how your practices for managing vulnerabilities and threats rank against others in your industry, your peers and best performing organizations, and the impact your practices have on:

• Delivering more or less value from IT
• Business downtime
• Data loss and theft
• Time spent on regulatory audit
• You relative to your industry
• You relative to your peers
• You relative to best performing organizations

Based on research benchmarks conducted with thousands of organizations, the quick two-minute assessments deliver a rapid diagnostic to determine whether you are ahead or behind your competitors, and how far behind the best performers you may be.

Visit: www.ITPolicyCompliance.com/Assessments to find out more

More importantly, the intuitive risk-indexes of the assessments enable you to identify changes that will:

• Increase the value delivered by IT
• Reduce business downtime
• Reduce data loss or theft
• Reduce the time and money spent to pass and sustain audits

Who should be interested: managers in IT security and operations, audit, risk, and compliance

Time to value: minutes

Regardless of size or industry, most organizations are continuously looking to improve operational effectiveness across all functions, and IT is no exception. Assess yourself and your organization today with the Assessments@ITPolicyCompliance today.

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See Latest research for more.


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