The IT Rorschach Test


The traditional management disciplines involve the use of directing, organizing, planning, staffing and controls to manage outcomes for organizations.

Of these, the most important is directing: it is through the tone and direction established and reinforced daily by senior managers that organizations become either industry leaders or laggards. The same disciplines are as important to managing IT as they are to managing the organization.

Beyond the five management disciplines are some telltale characteristics of how well — or poorly — organizations are doing in managing the IT portfolio to support peer-beating growth results, including revenue and profit; while avoiding industrial espionage, the loss of intellectual-property, the theft of customer data, and headline-grabbing events that result in damage to reputations and brands.

Take the IT Rorschach Test

Which of the following are true at your organization?

• The business value of IT is visible to senior management

• Business risks from the use of IT are visible to senior management

• The business value of IT assets are prioritized

• Unacceptable business risks related to the use of IT are documented

• Acceptable risks and control exceptions for IT are documented

• Business risks for IT assets are prioritized

• IT controls for legal and regulatory compliance are prioritized

Add up the number of times you said yes to each of the seven questions, then find out what the results mean.

1 to 2 “Yes”: Least value delivered and highest risk

3 to 6 “Yes”: Middle of the pack for value delivered and risk

6 to 7 “Yes”: Most value delivered and least risk

This simple IT Rorschach Test is based on research conducted with more than 1,600 other organizations. More compelling are the two-minute self-assessments that enable comparison with your industry, peers and those that are answering “7’s” to the IT Rorschach Test.

Assess Yourself against Your Peers and the Best Performers — Today
The Assessments@ITPolicyCompliance deliver a confidential and quick two-minute way to assess the posture of your organization against your industry and peers.

Benchmarked against more than 4,000 other organizations, these quick two-minute assessments cover organizational structure and strategy, the use of frameworks and standards, management of policy, management of procedural controls, management of information controls, management of technical controls, vulnerability and threat management, risk management and reporting, and financial implications.

Who should be interested: CIOs, CISO, CAOs, CROs, and principal managers of IT and audit

Time to value: minutes

Visit: to find out more

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