Internal Controls and Human Behavior: Business Risk and Business Value


Are you more at risk because employees are using the Web to download Warez from Internet-sharing sites? What about transferring confidential company data or customer information using Email, thumb-drives and print-outs? Are your financial, sales, customer and partner records accidentally being siphoned because employees don’t know better? Do your employees know what your policies and procedures are, and how do you know?

The new Assessments@ITPolicyCompliance compares your practices for managing internal procedural controls for human-behavior against real World practices at more than 3,600 other organizations.

Visit: to find out more

Find the answers to how your practices for internal procedural controls to manage IT related business risk and value compare with:
• Your industry
• Your peers, and
• Best performing organizations

The assessment – Management of Procedural Controls – compares how well or poorly you use internal procedural controls to manage business risk and value. Practices covered include:

• Change management for policies, procedures, assets and controls
• Information-handling
• Acquisition and use of IT assets
• Background checks
• Training for ethics, compliance and IT polices
• Surveys about ethics and policies
• Social engineering and penetration testing
• Automation of internal control procedures

Visit: to find out more

Specific to your industry and size of your organization, the confidential and free assessment delivers immediate feedback on how well, or poorly, your practices for managing internal procedural controls are compared to your industry, your peers and the best performing organizations.

The Assessments@ITPolicyCompliance enable you to rapidly identify changes to practices that will:
• Increase the value delivered by IT
• Reduce business downtime
• Reduce data loss or theft
• Reduce the time and money spent to pass and sustain audits.

Who should be interested: senior managers in IT, audit, risk, and compliance
Time to value: minutes

Regardless of size or industry, most organizations are continuously looking to improve operational effectiveness across all functions, and IT is no exception. Assess yourself and your organization today with the Assessments@ITPolicyCompliance today.


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