Does Organization Structure for Infosec Matter?


Is the organizational structure and strategy of your information security function delivering maximum value from the use of IT, while minimizing business risks?

Find the answers to how your organizational structure and strategy for information security compares with:
• your industry
• your peers and
• best performers

Based on your current organizational structure, this assessment delivers risks related to: 1) the delivery of value from IT, 2) business downtime associated with the use of IT, 3) data loss or theft associated with IT, and 4) time (and money) spent on audit to sustain results in IT. An overall risk-index delivers a fast and simple diagnostic tool for identifying improvements that will change outcomes based on fact-based research data assembled from all industries, your industry and your peers.

Visit: to find out more

Organizational practices covered by the assessment include:
• reporting structure
• policy and budgeting
• reporting and risk management
• visibility of value
• alignment of acceptable risks
• risk prioritization

Specific to industry and size of organization, the confidential and free assessment delivers immediate feedback for current practices and delivers the important “what-if” insights that will help you improve results.

• Who: senior managers in IT, audit, risk, and compliance
• Time to value: minutes

Regardless of size or industry, most organizations are continuously looking to improve operational effectiveness across all functions, and IT is no exception. Assess yourself and your organization today with the Assessments@ITPolicyCompliance today.


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