New interactive benchmark tools: legal data hold


New interactive benchmarking tools have been added to the IT Policy Compliance Group site. The new benchmark tools include:

·    Finding the maturity of your legal data custody practices

·    Determining how much money can be saved by improving practices

·    Determining how much time can be save by improving practices

The new interactive tools make it easier to see the financial implications of current practices. By themselves, the tools do not provide the ability to diagnose how current practices compare with others. However, the full research report, Improving Results for the Legal Custody of Information, contains this information.

A few highlights from the report:

A few of the best practices implemented by organizations with the lowest exposure to legal settlements and fees, and expenses in IT, include:

·     Notifying affected employees of legal holds on information within one hour

·     Maintaining evidence about the handling of information

·     Inventorying and indexing information for rapid search

Find out more:

Find out about the other best practices, including information categories that should be targeted for automation. Interactive tools and the full benchmark research report, Improving Results for the Legal Custody of Information, provide insight into the financial impact of practices along with the practices and capabilities that are driving down expenses for best-in-class firms.

Check out some blogs with great background material, including:

Blog managed by Bon Krantz and Jeffery Fehrman

Blog managed by Rick Wolf


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