Legal discovery: Beyond the lawyer jokes



Jokes about lawyers are funny because there is a ring of truth to them.

A few sites worth visiting for some reality laughs include:


If you have sites with funnier content: share them.


But seriously, lawyers contribute an invaluable and multi-faceted approach to discovery that is hard to find in other professions. Legal discovery could be sanctioned for a class action injury case, a product liability inquiry, lack of adequate controls for guarding personally identifiable information, or medical malpractice among other purposes.


When it comes to legal discovery, information is king, and in this age of electronic information the courts have ruled that organizations have specific obligations to preserve, protect, find and produce information that could be subject to a discovery request.


No joking when it comes to legal discovery

What do lawyers say are the best practices for avoiding problems and reducing costs when it comes to legal requests governing information?


A few of the top recommendations include:

– Establishing ground-rules for reasonable anticipation of litigation

– Indexing as much information as possible to drive down costs

– Implementing standard procedures for information formerly on hold


Find out …

– About other recommendations from legal counsels

– About the intimate relationship between IT and legal functions

– What the best practices are among firms with the lowest expenses

– How much you can save by improving current practices


Interactive tools (below) and the full benchmark research report, Improving Results for the Legal Custody of Information (below), provide insight into the financial impact of practices along with the practices and capabilities that are driving down expenses among best-in-class firms.


Another great resource is the Electronic Discovery blog


Jim Hurley


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    I must say, you have a very wonderful site. You have a extraordinary understanding of this area and articulate it very well.

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