New Research from ISACA


ISACA Research: Top Business/Technology Challenges and Opportunities

New research from ISACA, conducted with 3,173 professionals from around the World, highlights the top business and technology challenges and opportunities facing organizations today.

The top, rank-ordered, business issues facing organizations include:

  1. Regulatory compliance
  2. Enterprise-based IT management and IT governance
  3. Information security management
  4. Disaster recovery and business continuity
  5. IT value management
  6. Managing IT risk
  7. Compliance with financial reporting
  8. Continuous process improvement and business agility
  9. Vulnerability management
  10. Collaborate value chain management
  11. Modernization and consolidation of IT systems, assets and applications

This freely available report provides insight into the challenges facing many organizations, and the opportunities awaiting firms that solve the challenges. Among the interesting findings contained in this report are the divergent priorities across IT auditors, IT management and IT security functions within organizations.

This report is definitely worth the read.

Insight on What’s Working to Improve Results

The results of the ISACA survey are similar to those from the ongoing IT Policy Compliance Group (IT PCG) benchmarks, where regulatory compliance, IT governance, risk management, and information security top the list of challenges and opportunities for improvement among organizations.

For a comprehensive view of what’s working to improve results, download the recent IT PCG 2008 Annual Report. This research report provides a wealth of insight into the practices that are resulting in improvements to revenue, profits, customer retention, regulatory compliance, business continuity, the protection of sensitive data, and the management of IT value.

In addition, Interactive Tools at the IT PCG site quantify how business outcomes are changing, in multiple regions and currencies around the World, from improvements made in IT for the same challenges and opportunities cited by the ISACA research findings.

Jim Hurley


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