Does protecting customer data pay?


Does protecting customer data pay?

We all sort of instinctively know that doing the right thing should result in better outcomes. This includes safeguarding and protecting customer data. The problem: unless it happened recently to you, no one could prove that it resulted in better business outcomes.

Well, the evidence is in. Not only is protecting customer data the right thing to do, it pays handsomely, including:

– Much higher revenues

– Larger profits

– Increased customer satisfaction and retention

– Lower financial loss and risk

– Significantly lower spending on regulatory compliance

– Better alignment between business objectives and IT capabilities

Many instinctively assume that improving practices in IT to influence business outcomes, manage risks and deal with regulatory audits are the right things to do, but no one could quantify these results.

Now, the 2008 Annual Report from the IT Policy Compliance Group quantifies just how much the organizations with the most mature practices and capabilities for IT governance, risk and compliance are delivering and how.

Furthermore: new interactive tools at the IT Policy Compliance Group, based on benchmark results from more than 2,600 organizations from around the World, provide a quick way to assess your own organization, and what you can do to improve results.

To find out more, see:

– 2008 Annual Report, IT Governance, Risk and Compliance improving business results and mitigating financial risk

– the new Interactive Tools

at the IT Policy Compliance Group.


Jim Hurley


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