New research from the ITPCG


New research content has been placed on the Site ( since publication of the Core Competancies for Protecting Sensitive Data report. 

Simply navigate the Guidance area of the Site for the following:– Leaders are spending less time on compliance
– Leaders are spending 44 percent less money on compliance
– Benchmarking your spending on compliance
– How much data loss and theft will cost your organization
– How often data loss and theft will occur for your organization
– Profiles of firms with the most, and least, data losses and thefts
– The primary causes of data loss and theft
– Prevent or fix data loss, theft and compliance deficiencies: you decide
– What works: actions that are reducing data loss and theft
– What works: the frequency of controls assessment
– What works: auditing of more business functions
– What works: number of control objectives and controls
– What works: detecting unauthorized use or change
– What works: preventing unauthorized use or change
These short, one-page summaries are focused on core findings from the benchmarks, are easy to navigate through, and provide a quick snapshot of some of the more important findings.As always, we appreciate your feedback.
Jim Hurley


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